Saddles are one of the most important components of a bike that affect you as a rider. They are your primary contact with the bike and one that can affect your feeling on the bike more than any other. I’m sure we’ve all experienced sore bum or even numbness in sensitive areas after a long ride, and your saddle is often the culprit. However we have a solution, and that is Fi’zik.

In recent years Fi’zik has been one of leading brands in terms of saddle design and innovation, pushing the boundaries in terms of saddle shapes, cut outs, cushioning densities and materials, even venturing into 3D printing. Whilst also recognising that no two riders bodies are exactly the same. Our weight, flexibility and spinal shape all play a factor in the position we can assume on the bike and therefore our comfort. All of this has culminated into a range of immaculately designed saddles to suit various body types and riding positions.

Come in and explore the range of Fi’zik saddles we offer.

Which Bicycle saddle?

If you are unsure of what type of saddle is the right one for you, our saddle service may be just what you need.