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Cycling clothing has gone through one of the largest perceptual shifts in the last 10 years. The word Lycra used to conjure images of poorly fitting drab and dreary outfits that held a purely functional purpose, and frankly didn’t do the sport any image favours.

This has changed dramatically, with the vast majority of cycling clothing brands taking a lead from other sportswear manufactures and following fashion trends.

Look good, feel good, ride good.

The purist might argue, what does it matter what you are wearing on the bike as long as it protects you from the elements, it’s just about your body and the machine. But the mind plays a much bigger factor than we think; and how we feel about ourselves on the bike can have a huge impact on what we get out of it. 

As such we work with clothing and accessories partners who share similar philosophies around performance and design. 


At Symphony Cycling we have teamed up with NVPA® to be their first physical retailer.

NVPA® came to the market as a clothing brand in March of 2021, however they have a heritage in the UK going back to 2012, where under the parent brand Neon Velo they ran a rider development programme. Assisting young British riders whose dreams in cycling are more La Fleche-Wallonne than London-Brighton.

Now they have brought all that experience (and contacts) together to create a clothing brand that really landed with the right foot forward. Today, the brand defines visionary aesthetics, innovative designs and collaborations designed to fill a void of creativity in cycling, brought to life through carefully curated ranges, offering a forward-thinking fashionable approach to cycling products.

Their London-based fashion designers work hand-in-hand with a team of experienced Italian apparel factories, fabric suppliers, product designers and athletes, ensuring that their concepts are fully realised and that the final garments always exceed your expectations for quality and durability.

We have a selection of the NVPA® cycling range in store, as well as operating as a HUB for NVPA® group rides. Furthermore we offer a 15% discount on a Full Bike Fit to NVPA subscribers.


Founded in 2009, QUOC set out to build a cycling shoe that was not only beautiful but above all, comfortable. Motivated by a community of riders who create their own paths and inspire others to do the same, Quoc aims to create better cycling  experiences through timeless designs that transcend seasonal trends, while actively seeking new and innovative ways to protect the land we ride on.


Alba Optics’ purpose since it’s conception has been to discover and reimagine iconic shapes of the past, bringing them into a modern performance world. This has resulted in a truly beautiful collection of performance eyewear that is uncompromising. 

The Alba Optics team proudly stands behind athletes all over the world, with a profound respect for those who strive to improve their performance and realise their dreams. We share a passion for cycling culture, outdoor sport and nature, and as such have a curated range of their performance eyewear in-store.