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Our passion for cycling lies in road bikes and the growing emergence of gravel and cyclocross bikes. As such we exclusively sell bikes for this discipline . We have access to a range of brands, including pro peloton leaders to ones you may not have seen before.

some of
our brands

De Rosa

De Rosa are a World tour level bike manufacturer with true racing heritage spanning over 60 years. However, like many Italian manufacturers they rarely ever sacrifice beauty for speed, instead somehow finding a harmony between the two to create arguably some of the most beautifully fast road bikes out there.


A truly custom brand, Titici produce meticulously hand crafted carbon frames manufactured in Italy, each one made to a specific customers geometry and fit data. You have a say in almost every aspect of the bike build, from groupset to finishing kit. As a cherry on top they offer a custom painting service for a small additional cost. This isn’t just a custom service where you pick what colours are on the bike in a predetermined design either. Their in-house team are capable of receiving any reference and turning this into a truly individual paint job.



3T have been at the leading edge of frame design for a number of years, with awards coming year after year. Their single minded vision of not compromising between aerodynamics and rider comfort has culminated into a range that see’s one model for road and one for gravel. A confident approach, but safe knowing that each of these models is in the top of it’s class for it’s discipline.

 This approach embodies positive mindset to create a bike for adventure, to explore and to not have your rider experience limited by where you and your machine can take each other. 

If a brand you are interested in is not listed here it does not mean we can’t get it for you. We are always open to establishing relationships with new brands and will endeavour to get the bike you want.