bike fitting

What is the purpose of bike fitting?
Well simply, it’s to establish the best position for YOU on a bike. This position is particular to YOU as it takes into account your body’s individuality, and how you like to ride.

At Symphony Cycling we use the most advanced fitting tool in the world, the GURU DFU, and are trained in the Slowtwitch F.I.S.T. system, ensuring that every bike fit we do meets the highest standard, for whatever type of rider walks through our door.
The two main aims of a bike fit:

Establishing the right position for you on a bike for the type of riding you want to do.

Finding the bike that best suits that positioning

Positioning can vary, depending on the type of riding or discipline that you follow. The aim is to optimise your position on the bike for that discipline. This will take into account your body’s morphology (simply the measurements of your limbs), the power you create, aerodynamics and comfort on the bike.

To an extent the type of riding you do will influence these factors. If you are aiming for long days in the saddle, covering big mileage or lots of elevation then comfort will be a more important factor to your fit out. However if you are seeking pure speed over a given distance, then the balance will tip more in the favour of aerodynamics, sacrificing some long distance comfort on the bike, for a more aggressive low profile riding position. There are of course other factors that come into play at a more individual level, such as age, fitness, weight and flexibility. These are all taken into account during a Guru fitting session. (1)
Slight alterations to your body positioning on the bike can make a world of difference, not just to your performance, but also the feeling you can take out of it. If your body is always having to fight with the position that it sits on the bike, then it is creating stress, stress within the body, but this stress can also be felt in the mind, distracting from the pleasures of cycling or the location that you might be in.
fitting services

Full fit: £250

This fit process is the ideal as we start from scratch. The purpose being to find your position before we even imagine a specific bike underneath you. Creating a set of fit data, which is then translated into bikes and set up recommendations. This includes:

Bike Specific fit*: £200

This service is used to fit a customer to a specific bike that they want. Please note a Road Bike Specific Fit can only be done if your Bike Brand and Model are on the Guru database. This includes:

* If you have already purchased a bike and want to optimise your position on that model/bike this fit may be for you. Please note this is not a full fit. It is for those that are not concerned whether their existing bike is the ideal/optimal geometry for them.

‘Bike Finder’: £100

Bike Finder is a virtual bike/frame sizing and simulation tool. If you only need to know the correct size of your frame this is the option for you.
This includes:

Saddle service: £75

This session is purely orientated around finding the right saddle for the rider.
Saddle design and innovation has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so there are a plethora of saddles to suit all riding styles and positions.
It is preferred to conduct this session after the customer has already gone through a full fit session previously as we will have their fit data on file and can simulate the saddles in their position and how the saddle might affect the position. Please note we currently only work with Fizik saddles for this service.

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Whether you have an existing bike or are considering purchasing a new bike, a bike fit here at Symphony Cycling will give you all the data you need to build something shiny and new, or to modify as close as possible, your current ride.