Welcome to symphony cycling

The feeling of cycling out on the open roads is like listening to a great symphony. Rising and falling with the road it unleashes us from pressures and worries of modern life allowing for emotional respite and recovery.

This is something that I believe lives at the heart of this sport, is why we truly fall in love with it.

Striving for bigger watts, quicker times and overall better performance is something that as keen cyclists we all think about, but at the heart of why we love this sport is the emotional connections and freedoms it gives us. This is what I want to celebrate and share, and it starts with the connection between rider and machine.

Like a symphony, a bike is made up of an assortment of individual pieces and instruments.

In isolation these parts may display talent and craft, but they can’t move us, and allow us access to this sense of freedom. Only once they come together and are brought into harmony with a human being can it become something beautiful.

This is the core of my philosophy at Symphony Cycling

It is about finding the instrument for you, for your style of riding and for your goals. Whether you want to be pounding out those laps around regents park, rolling around on sunday rides in the hills or training to take on those big mountain summer goals it all starts with the coming together of rider and machine.